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We manage digital campaigns for growing international businesses, large brands & local stores. Every challenge is unique. Check out our case studieslearn more about the latest trends or get in touch.

itelBPO helped us grow our inbound business to the United States by 48% YOY and restructured our account to ensure that we scale our campaigns in-line with our business objectives

 — Tony Davis, CEO

We put heavy emphasis on research & planning. Normally, we spend anywhere from 1 – 3 weeks researching all the ways your customers search & browse the internet to inform a campaign design that will deliver the most relevant ads to an audience that is in-market for what you have to offer. We pride ourselves on delivering not only extremely relevant search campaigns but also the most comprehensive campaign designs.

We manage your campaigns on a daily basis, as they are in constant flux, and using our 10 years of experience under our belt, we strive to get the most conversion volume at the lowest cost per conversion.

We love data and we build beautiful custom reports for each of our clients which you can access at any time and we meet regularly to discuss campaign performance as well as upcoming strategies.

We’re constantly thinking of ways to improve our client’s campaigns and are proud to work on behalf of leading brands.

Digital is core to our future growth and itelBPO has been a great partner for adapting to our needs as we continue to grow.

 — Ryan Terrier, CEO


As a Google Certified Partner, we pride ourselves in being on the cutting edge of new developments.


We provide in-depth search behavior research, strategic search ad design, campaign design, bidding strategies and conversion data analysis.

Display & Video

We manage display & video campaigns as well as post click analytics, optimization & reporting across ad networks.

Post Click Analysis

By drilling down to specific user paths and looking at campaign data we develop insights on combinations that work to increase campaign performance.


Our reports are interactive, shareable and utilize live data. No More, PDFs or searching your email to find old static reports. They make the conversations flow and meetings more meaningful.

Mobile Search

We are experts at extending our clients reach across smartphones where mobile searches have now surpassed desktop.


We provide audience segmentation + retargeting as well as post click analytics, optimisation & reporting

Google Analytics

We ensure your E-Commerce or Lead Data Integrates seamlessly with our digital campaigns so we know that a click on an ad leads to X amount of revenue.

Call Tracking

Many businesses generate more sales over the phone vs ecommerce or website leads so our focus on measurement extends to phone calls so we can track exactly which ad (whether desktop or mobile) lead to a phone call.

As we transition our marketing spend towards digital, we’re happy we found a partner who enjoys diving into the details. The focus on measurements is essential for us to learn together and to drive consistent ROI.


 — David Williams, Director of Business Development



Check out our case studies to learn how we can improve your PPC campaigns, fix your Google Analytics tracking & increase your website conversion rates.

The Island Of Bahamas

The Islands Of Bahamas Tourism Board teamed up with itelbpo to manage their Google Adwords account in the US market in June of 2014. Our goal was to increase traffic and find new ways to effectively use the monthly ad spend. Given the video assets on youtube and display ads we decided to take a different approach to Adwords. We increased visitors by over 300% and engagement metrics by over 50% without increasing the budget ., a leading online car rental company with 17,000 pick up locations worldwide, wanted to increase their international business inbound to the USA. We saw an opportunity to restructure their Google Adwords account, conduct A/B testing, implement a custom bidding strategy. We achieved a 304% increase in conversions with a 49% decrease in cost per conversion versus the prior year.

Half Moon

Half Moon, an award winning luxury resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica wanted to increase awareness of their winter promotion to potential guests in the USA, Canada & The United Kingdom. We took a very granular approach to audience segmentation by thinking about each stage of the purchase funnel a potential guest could be in as well as their browsing behavior & whether or not they had interacted with in the past. Our analysis went even deeper, by differentiating audiences that showed high probability of booking vs low probability of booking based on their browsing behavior on and used that data to inform our display targeting & device targeting. Combined with a search strategy that focused on winning the moments that matter we achieved a strong ROI. We maintained an 11:1 gross revenue to ad spend ratio.

Tech Beach

Tech Beach, a technology entrepreneurship event that brings together founders, executives, Angel Investors & Venture Capitalists wanted to increase awareness & drive conference ticket purchases to a very narrowly defined audience – persons who were interesting in attending a tech entrepreneurship conference and who were willing to travel to do so. We immediately recognized that the event agenda which spanned topics ranging from financial technology, big data to clean technology required specific display ads for each topic as well as custom audience buckets. We were able to achieve engagement metrics (pages per session and bounce rate) that mirrored search campaigns allowing us to drive brand awareness through display networks without sacrificing relevancy.

Island Routes

Island Routes, an award winning luxury adventure tour company with operations in 12 destinations in the Caribbean & Mexico wanted to drive new business by delivering relevant promotional offers to persons in-market for tours & activities. To increase the number of search clicks within the same budget, we worked on click through rate as a means to deliver a lower avg. cost per click over time. Additionally, because the promotional deals change every couple weeks, we acted swiftly to change ads, targeting & landing pages between promotions across the over 2000+ search ad variations & retargeting ads. We also worked some magic to include timers within search ads that counted down to the end of the sale increasing the likelihood the user would call or make a purchase online. We achieved a 145% Increase in search click through rate, 55% decrease in avg. cost per click, 115% YOY increase in eCommerce transactions & 126% YOY increase in eCommerce gross revenue. 

America Car Rental, a leading online car broker, wanted to increase the efficiency of its ad spend. We analysed bounce rates & landing page quality score metrics of their highest volume campaigns and conducted A/B testing of landing pages. We split 50% of the traffic to landing pages that had Variation A and 50% of traffic to Variation B. Each variation had adjustments to headline, call to action and images on the landing page. Using the knowledge gained, we continually made adjustments to improve bounce rates, conversion rates and quality score. We achieved a 40% improvement in landing page quality score, 20% decrease in bounce rates, 25% increase in conversions rates from before A/B testing began and after. All these improvements resulted in increased volume and ROI.


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