BPO Executive Says Jamaica Can Benefit More From Sector

JIS | June 21, 2019


Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of itelBPO Solutions, Yoni Epstein, says Jamaica has made significant strides in the business process outsourcing (BPO) sector and can benefit even more by expanding its service offerings and upskilling workers within the industry.

“Over the past decade, Jamaica has become more and more of a known entity in the outsourcing world, competing against the India and Philippines of the world, and over the last seven years, Jamaica has grown from a menial 12,000 people working in the industry to over 36,000,” the CEO highlighted.

Mr. Epstein, who was participating in a panel discussion, dubbed, ‘Inclusive Economic Growth and Job Creation’, at the Jamaica Diaspora Conference in downtown Kingston on June 17, pointed out that Jamaica’s success in the BPO sector can be attributed to its geographic location; buyer interest and financial attractiveness.

“The fact that we are very close to North America, which is our biggest provider of services, our Jamaican people and stronger buyer interest over the years, as a result of Jamaica Promotions Corporation promoting Jamaica to the world that we are a destination for outsourcing, is a big part of our success,” the CEO said.

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