A learning Environment

Smart solutions for our clients.
SMART Academy for our employees.

From the very beginning, our founders knew that they wanted a smart and happy workforce that would result in happy customers. This meant doing things outside of the industry norm. Instead of focusing on transactions, we focus on people.

itelbpo career advancement

It starts from Recruitment and Orientation

We use a combination of traditional and next generation recruitment techniques to find the right people in the right places.

Behavioral assessment helps us to identify the key behavioral and cognitive traits beyond experience and education that are optimal for each role.

We use technology to communicate with potential hires in the ways that work best for them, and which are aligned with the virtual world of the at-home agent.

working at itelbpo

It should come as no surprise that we don’t just use the training options available on the market. Instead, we combine leading industry training with curriculum designed in-house to support team members at all levels of the organization, including experience and brand-tailored insights.

Meaningful Onboarding Engagement and Approach

Partnerships with Reputable Educational Institutions

Voice-of-the-Customer Feedback Integration

Leadership Training and Career Path Certification

Leading Industry Platforms

Different types of learners require different teaching methods, so we’ve adopted a multi-dimensional approach.






Let our highly talented and trained team help you create more meaningful connections with your customers.