Security is everything

From data protection to operational uptime, we have developed the infrastructure and hired the talent needed to safeguard your business. Our enterprise-grade IT platform is sustained by world-class security measures and complete geo and network redundancy.

itelbpo technology
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Skillfully Curated and Designed Technology

We don’t rely solely on off-the-shelf solutions. That just wouldn’t be us. So, we’ve selected some of the industry’s leading products and combined it with our own specially-designed technology. By curating the right technology solutions and adding our own customizable components, we’re able to be more adaptable, responsive and resilient.


Telecommunication connectivity is VOIP • Our SIP providers in US are Tier 1 rated • Quality assurance software • Real-time software


Performs key analytics • Always up to date • State-of-the-art technology • High immunity to known vulnerabilities


Feature rich • Reliable • Compatible • Secure with redundancy


Desktop as a Service (DaaS): Enterprise-grade cloud DaaS cluster solution capable of hosting hundreds of home-based desktops with the same level of security as premise-based systems.

So, what does this all really mean to you?

Convenient anytime access to reporting and information about your business KPIs

Archived report data that enables analysis

Multiple reporting formats

Reporting consistency

Search function options

Predictive analytics that enable operational changes

Historical trending: site and agent

Customizable real-time analytics for sales and loyalty programs


Don’t be afraid of tomorrow.

We’ve got it covered.