The difference is in our simplicity

We don’t believe in overcomplicating things. Instead, we keep a clear focus on the things that matter, such as how we think, the way we work and the places we operate.

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Our Culture

All too often, company cultures are divided by generational gaps, hierarchy and individual differences. But, at itelbpo, we see the things that make us different as opportunities for collaboration and building cohesion. The greatest ideas and the best problem-solving usually comes from diversity in perspectives and experience. Our engaging and family-like culture brings out the best in our team and enables a high-touch approach with partners and customers.

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Our Agility

Who has time for complicated chains-of-command, get-stuck thinking and indecision? We don’t, and neither do our clients. If there is a problem, we work with you to solve it. You need to increase or decrease workforce quickly? We’re ready to move. You want to transfer business seamlessly? Our infrastructure is adaptable. Tired of the old way of doing things? We’re ready to disrupt.

Decisive & Experienced Leadership

Flat Organizational Structure

Flexible Technology

Workforce and Geographic Diversification

Calculated Risk-Taking

Optimistic Mindset

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Our Spaces

The world is changing quickly, and we’re changing with it.

As Millennials gain strength in the marketplace, the way and the places people work are changing to accommodate new approaches. Our spaces and operations reflect these modern times, from our at-home agent network to our on-site delivery locations. They’re designed to maximize employee comfort, enhance productivity and inspire creativity.

Casual attire that embraces positive self-expression

Comfortable and spacious work stations

Onsite banking, personal care and child care services

Vibrant wall art and decor

Employee wellness facilities and programs

Social spaces

  • working at itelbpo
  • working at itelbpo
  • working at itelbpo
  • working at itelbpo
  • working at itelbpo

Tell us what you need, and we’ll make it happen.
It’s that simple.