It has only been 6 weeks, but Marvin Tulloch can already tell he has never worked anywhere like itelbpo before.

Despite having 16 years experience in the BPO industry, he has yet to come across a company of this size that is so heavily family oriented.

Originally from Montego Bay, Marvin is pleasantly surprised by the interaction and engagement that happens between all levels of the organization. The new Kingston site director recognizes that everyone communicates like a family because they stay connected by sharing, everything from news and motivational quotes to jokes and anecdotes. This connection is what helps to fuel the company’s success.

The family-oriented culture is something Marvin plans to nurture even as the business grows. Sometimes, with growth comes deterioration of principles, and he is committed to ensuring this isn’t the case with itelbpo. Apart from respecting the family values embraced by itelbpo, Mr. Tulloch admires the three other core values of Quality, Reliability and Integrity. He feels a natural alignment between the company’s moral code and his own, and believes that these principles are important in both professional and personal life.

Marvin’s enthusiasm for itelbpo has plenty to do with his values and even more to do with the potential for his experience and skills to be applied in the company. Marvin directs the Kingston location where he oversees all operations concerning the site’s two accounts and manages just under 300 employees. Marvin worked in the US until relocating to Jamaica in 2013, and feels sure that his vast experience in the BPO industry will benefit the company. He is especially excited about the company’s movement to the enterprise level – supporting continued expansion outside Jamaica. Marvin’s ultimate goal is to maximize the company’s growth potential by ensuring that he keeps an eye on creating efficiencies and increasing profits.

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