Felix joined the itelbpo family last year when itelbpo acquired Granada Corporation – an English/Spanish contact centre with the industry’s leading work-from-home agent platform. Born in the United States, but raised in Puerto Rico, Felix is both bilingual and multicultural.

An engaging personality with an M.B.A. from the University of Denver and over 25 years in customer experience delivery, Felix is skilled at leading a diverse team and directing complex business transformation initiatives. ONEitelbpo had a chat with Felix, and this is what we found out.

O: In one word, describe yourself?
F: Genuine

O: Tell me about your journey and the obstacles you faced to get where you are today.
F: The answer to this one would require a book. My journey has always been non-linear. It’s always been about owning my destiny, being deliberate, not making any excuses and never settling. I’ve washed dishes in restaurants, unloaded trucks in a warehouse and worked in construction. I’ve learned from each job, but I worked hard and made lots of mistakes along the way. I’ve never failed. I’ve simply had detours that momentarily took me off track. Life is what you make of it and no one owes you anything – remember that, and everything else falls into perspective.

O: How do you see yourself and how would you want to be seen by others?
F: Well, I know what I look like so it’s pretty easy to identify myself and I’m hoping others see me with their eyes :). I don’t take myself too seriously because life is an endurance game not a sprint. I identify myself as a lifelong learner and teacher, impatient, but not unreasonably so, detail oriented without being obsessive, and balanced because most things in moderation are good. I’m pretty comfortable in my own skin, so I don’t really think or dwell to much on how others see me. That said, I do my level best to be aware, to show-up the right way, to be respectful to all, to apologize when I’ve made a mistake – to do my part in being a good human being.

O: How many messages are in your inbox right now and how do you manage emails?
F: 500. Read, respond, delete – sometimes easier said than done..

O: If you had to work as an agent, in which one of the departments would you work and why?
F: I started as an agent 26 years ago, 3rd shift, as I paid my way through college working for TeleTech on a contract for the United States postal service. I worked in and led WFM, Training, Quality Assurance, PMO (project management organization), Operations, BID Solution Development and various executive strategic roles. I am most drawn to business optimization within Operations.

O: What is your Favourite itelbpo memory?
F: This story is never fully written, but the day I joined itelbpo, right after the acquisition of Granada, was a pretty memorable experience.

O: What are you really into outside of work?
F: I’m a simply guy. I love to be with my kids, to participate in the things they are drawn to like sports. Having grown up in Puerto Rico, I enjoy the beach, good barbecue and being with the family. Shorts, tee shirt, flip flops and a hat is how you are most likely to find me, anytime I’m not at work. And I enjoy a nice cigar and scotch, maybe more than I should.

O: Why are you here at itelbpo and what can we expect from you in the future as CEO?
F: I’m here because I really like this industry and the values embodied by the itelbpo team. I started in BPO as an agent. I had great mentors along the way who took an interest in my career and helped provide me with the tools needed to succeed, and now I am passionate about doing the same for as many people as I can come in contact with. As CEO, Americas, you can expect that I will set the bar high because no good comes from setting it low. You can expect straight talk even when it ruffles a few feathers because life it short to be politically correct all the time. And lastly, you can expect that Sebastian and I are going to challenge each person within our teams to be better, to do more, to be more resourceful and more action oriented.

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