Working at itelbpo

We strive to foster a working environment that makes our employees enjoy
being at work.

itelbpo currently employs a large workforce of over 780 full-time employees, with 400 based in Montego Bay, 350 based in Kingston, 100 based in The Bahamas and 30 based in Tampa, Florida, supported by a complement of experienced middle management team members and executives.

Montego Bay, Jamaica - 400 Seats
Kingston, Jamaica - 250 Seats
The Bahamas - 100 Seats
Tampa, FL - 30 Seats

We want everyone on our team to know that they are an integral part of our company, so our salaries are above the industry average and are evaluated on a regular basis to ensure we remain competitive and all our employees are offered a benefits package and company perks.

We have several employee recognition programs, which include Employee of the Month, a Birthday Club, 15-minute Fridays, top performer incentives, spot prizes and many more. We also have a team comprised of representatives from each department that plans social events on a monthly basis.

Perks and benefits


Monthly Social Activities

Birthday Celebrations

20 Days Annual Holiday

Competitive Salary


Training Programs

Employee Awards

15 Minute Fridays

Lunch Benefits


Work : Life Balance

Health & Life Insurance


We give our employees the necessary tools to succeed and create environments that promote productivity.

Facility Amenities

  • Child care and after school programs
  • ATM and bill payment
  • Restaurants and convenience store
  • Personal care service providers
  • Library facilities for part-time students
  • Sites are easily accessible via either public or private transportation
  • Comfortable and welcoming office layouts
  • State-of-the-art technology

Extensive Security Provisions

  • CCTV
  • 24-hour security
  • Limited public access
  • Well-lit surroundings

We’re a growing company

Because of our established network, partnerships and reputation, we continue to attract the highest quality talent, and we pride ourselves in an attrition rate that remains below the industry standard. Not only do we keep our staff – we’re also looking for more people to join us!

If you think you’re the next member of the itelbpo family, then take a look at some of our available jobs and submit your application. We’ll be delighted to invite you in for a chat through your CV and experience to date.